Custom Packaging Phoenix/Packaging, Inc. can print YOUR designs onto boxes at an affordable price!
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Digital Printing


Custom Digital

Printed Packaging

About Digital Printing

How it works

Unlike traditional printing, such as an offset press, digital printing is more cost effective, and prints directly onto its substrate. At Phoenix/Packaging, Inc. we utilize digital printing to help our customers personalize their product. When you buy a box from us, it only costs you a little more to digitally customize and print a design.

Creativity and design

All types of creative freedom are allowed to be expressed. Have a design already created? Great! We work with that design and get the production process running. If you're someone who isn't keen on creativity or design, don't worry! We offer a consultation with our designer for any design assistance.

Steps to getting a customized box order

  1. Identify the box, size, and color
  2. Know the quantity you're looking for
  3. Send a design ready file of your choice to be printed
  4. Receive a personalized quote
  5. Once approved, we will run the job
  6. All ordered items will be shipped!
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