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Printing on Corrugated Boxes

There are multiple different options when it comes to printing on corrugated boxes, there are pros and cons to each option as well. Many factors need to be considered before you choose your method of printing - such as, desired print quality, budget, and time constraints. Also, you need to specify if the boxes will be used for shipping or primary retail. There are two primary ways to print on a corrugated box, pre-printing and direct printing. Pre-printing is when you print your design onto a sheet of paper and glue it directly onto a corrugated box. Pre-printing is more time consuming than direct printing, as it requires more steps for the same outcome.

Direct printing, also referred to as “post print”, means printing directly onto a corrugated box. This is the most common way to print on a corrugated box. Most of the time, it is done with a digital printing method. Digital presses are not that different from digital printers used at home. They use digital files, so expensive printing plates are not necessary. Digital printing can accomplish high quality graphics at an efficient rate while staying within budget. Direct printing, specifically digital printing, is projected to be the next dominant printing method, making pre-printing virtually obsolete.

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Article Posted: 12/29/2020 09:03:18 AM

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