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What’s the Difference Between 200# and 32 ECT Boxes?

When you first see 200# and 32 ECT boxes, there may not be a noticeable difference between the two, but there are important differences between the two. Both the 200# and 32 ECT boxes are also commonly used for packaging - Read on to learn more!

When you see or hear about the specification "200# Test” associated with packaging materials, it refers to the bursting strength of the corrugated board. The 200# test indicates the maximum weight that the piece of corrugated board can withstand before bursting. The “200#” specifically refers to the weight in pounds per square inch required to burst through the board. In simple terms, a higher number indicates a greater strength.

On the other hand, “32 ECT” stands for Edge Crush Test, which is another way to measure the strength of a corrugated board. The Edge Crush Test measures the ability of the board to withstand pressure applied to its edges. Higher ECT values indicate greater strength and durability, meaning that a box with a 32 ECT rating can withstand more pressure on its edges without collapsing compared to a box with a lower ECT value rating.

While both 200# Test and 32 ECT measures the strength of the corrugated product, they assess different aspects of boards performance. Choosing between a 200# Test and 32 ECT product for your packaging ultimately comes down to your specific needs and requirements of your products. Some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. What is your product weight and fragility?
  2. How will your boxes be stacked or stored?
  3. How will your boxes be shipped?

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Article Posted: 05/03/2024 08:23:09 AM

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